I mention the words, I’m a reinvention life coach for midlife and pre-retirementand, you know those folks (aged 40-70) and I’m looked at as if I just dropped off the planet Zor.

So what the heck do you do? they ask, always politely.

5 key reasons to use a life coach.

1. Change. Oh, the most scary word of all. Change of job, change of town, change of mind. Change is one time you need a coach at your side. Each year we see very large grown up men report to camp so they can become a team. Each year is different, new recruits, new plays to learn. What do they need? A coach.

Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change. -Jim Rohn

Whenever there is change, we need someone walking beside us to look for the mine-fields in our life. We need someone, not related to us (they try so hard but they really want you to stay the same, don’t they), to help set up our expectations and set the road map into action.

2. I’m just not done yet. As we get enough candles on our cake to light up the sky, we start looking back at all we thought we’d do with our life. We always thought life would be just a little bit different than it has turned out to be.

Having a life coach reminds us that we can still accomplish a lot. We have probably 30 more years ahead of us to make those “I wish I had” into “I can do it”. You’re not done yet, and your life coach will provide tools to assist you to see what’s possible today!

3. Accountability. Being a grown up is hard work. We show up at our jobs at a certain time, we cook, clean, take out the trash on Wednesday’s. Our lives become a study of our electronic or paper calendars.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?  -Mary Oliver

Life coaches allow you to find time for you. They discover your real dreams and possibilities with you and schedule them in. You become accountable to seeing you take first place in the precious life that is yours.

4. Saves Time and Money. Have you ever decided to change your oil? Have you thought you’d like to paint your deck? Yup, that took about 5 seconds, didn’t it. You thought about how much time it would take to learn the skills and how to get the materials – and you weighed that against – going to Jiffy Lube or looking on Angie’s List to find the right contractor. Either way your oil will be changed and the deck redone.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action, can change the world.     -Joel Barker

Life coaches are like that. You can change your life. You can certainly make choices that will get you to your goals. Or, you can choose to hire a life coach to help you get the job of your life done. Life coaches help you to have the right vision, tools, and steps to set your life in motion…the way you truly want it to go. Always a choice.

5. Gives you thoughts and ideas you never thought of beforeMaddie wanted to open a tea house. She loved tea, grew up in Japan and had always wanted to share what she had learned there with the world. She had a business plan. But, it just wasn’t working.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.  – Eleanor Roosevelt

Working with Maddie, we talked, we brainstormed. The more we talked the more the ideas poured out of Maddie. She took road trips to tea houses, she called Starbucks, she befriended, and followed countless people who shared her love of tea. What the business plan didn’t give her were the passion and ideas of others to make it all come together for her. Working with a life coach does that. It spurs you on to discovering new ideas and more importantly pursing them.

So you’re 40, 50, 60 or so….do you need a life coach? Maybe yes, maybe no. If yes, I, of course, would love to chat with you and my information is below. More importantly though, think about it, and find the very best person to help you make your life all it could be with just a little help from a life coach.

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