I love the holidays; in my tradition it includes festive holiday decorations, family gatherings and snow. But, as we get older the list of what I “should” do for the holiday gets longer.

Holiday cards sent, going to and giving holiday parties, presents for many generations. I’ve decided this year, I’m going to remember and act my shoe size.

What about you?

Now I’m a 10, a wide 10 due to many years of gravity on my poor tootsies. Perhaps you’ll be a tiny 5 or a big-footed 13, but whatever the size, go back to that time of your life.

What were the holidays like for you then?

I remember very well my 10th holiday.

I also remember that I loved being the older sister to two younger ones. I knew all the secrets of the man in red and they didn’t. It was a crucial year for them holding on to the magic.

But, I had a secret they didn’t know.

My mother always would go to midnight Mass. Her brother was the pastor of a parish about 45 minutes away. Usually all of us would be asleep with the sitter and she’d take off.

But this year, my 10th year, I was going to join her. I was big enough to go.

Back up the bus to the younger siblings. They wouldn’t go to sleep. The time came when mom had to leave and she asked me to stay home. I did.

I had crept out of bed when the ‘little ones’ were asleep and I laid on the couch looking at the tree. I was there when mom came home. I peeked through sleeping eyes and watched her create the wonder of Christmas under the tree.

In the morning, we all gathered and enjoyed all the excitement that comes with being 10, and sisters being 8 and 7,  and it being Christmas.

And I received the best gift ever.

My mom had given me a wallet. Inside were 10 dimes. It was pretty grown up for me, and a dollar to spend was amazing. I wasn’t a little one anymore. My mom knew I was growing up and showed me with her gift. She wrote a note inside saying, “thanks for being so good, you can go next year”.

So as I thought of this post, and shoe sizes and holidays. I immediately went back to being 10.

And I’ll remember.

  • I’ll remember the magic of growing up.
  • I’ll remember the wonder of the holiday.
  • I’ll remember the love of a mother, who I miss terribly, especially during the holidays.
  • I’ll remember the two wonderful sisters I’ll be sharing the holiday with this year.

I’ll be 10 again for just a little while…the holiday cards can wait.

What will your remember with your shoe size? I hope you’ll share it here!