Life’s a Daring Adventure


      I’m Not Done Yet!


            Are you?

Life Coach

 Mary Helen has been so motivating! When I was looking for a career change and feeling a bit directionless, Mary Helen understood. Her insights and ideas were not just about career planning but coaching on how to be human. Going through change can be scary, intimidating and overwhelming. Mary Helen’s wisdom, support and encouragement made all the difference in the world to me during this time.

K. Brennan


Workshop and Motivational Speaker

Promise yourself an afternoon attending a Next Step Workshop/ Dream Camp Retreat. You’ll meet other women walking a similar path of midlife reimagining and reinvention. Mary Helen’s expert and spirited guidance will lead you through reflection, sharing and listening. Come away prepared to take that next step in moving forward, supported by Mary Helen’s professional wisdom. – L. Rowe

What if?…

  • You realize that you needed a change, a kick-start to the old you
  • You laugh at all those who think just because you’re “older”, you can’t do something different
  • You gave yourself the chance to just dream again, to think “What will I be when I grow up”?
  • You have an empty nest and you’re now ready to create a vibrant home for yourself, inside and out?
  • You feel that spitfire in your belly that you once had, but this time you take action.
  • You finally put that “I wish I had” in the garbage can, because you did it.
  • You say to yourself, “I’m not done yet! and you meant it.

If any of these statements resonate with you,

Let’s work together to reinvent your life in midlife or pre-retirement.

Let’s work together to provide the best workshop or talk to your group or employees.

I’m here to work with you with in developing strategies, action plans and inspiration for creating the life you want to live every day. I want you to wake up in the morning saying, “Life’s STILL a daring adventure.” And mean it.

Let’s connect.

Here’s what could happen if you just say yes to YOU:

  • You could wake up in the morning and know the new day is just that, NEW.
  • You could learn strategies, simple step-by-step action plans.
  • You could take charge of your life. Absolutely!
  • You could have a vision of a new you.
  • You could see the choices that each moment provides for you.
  • You could actually feel joy in your life.

How would that feel, if today, right now you could have all those things?

You can with a simple YES! Let’s start right here, right now. All you need to do is let me know that you’re ready! Connect this minute.

Regardless of the number of candles on your cake,

    I’m sure there is still a flame in your heart to (re)discover.

It really does work! Let’s get together for your adventure.


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